Sip Link

Sip Link 1.4

SipLink is an alone application to work with 3rd party VoIP systems
1.4 (See all)

The SIPLink is offered as a part of the main package and is royalty-free. VoipSwitch’s customers are allowed to distribute it freely to their end-users. SIPLink, a white-label branded app, is also offered as a stand alone application to work with 3rd party VoIP systems.


-Embedded VoIP Tunnel proprietary technology for making and receiving calls from behind VoIP blockades/firewalls, for example in countries where voice over IP is banned
-Real-time information on the current connection status
-Phone directory stored on a server (or locally if required), accessible directly from the SIPLink interface, also integrated with customer web portal interface
-Information on the actual account balance
-Information on the maximum duration for the call
-Connection timer
-Check rate button (quick information about the rate for entered phone number)
-Quick access to last dialed phone number.
-Speed dial (favorites) support, end-user can associate shortcuts with phone book entries
-Direct link to the web page containing calls history info (without having to log in to the web)
-Volume control

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